Voices in Japan

The Best English (and Japanese) Manga Available!

September 23, 2020 Episode 87
Voices in Japan
The Best English (and Japanese) Manga Available!
Show Notes

Author Michael Howard joins Voices in Japan again following the release of the hysterically funny manga version of The Salaryman available at thesalarymanbook.com. The digital comic book is a collaboration between Mike and Reina (a Japanese illustrator) that highlights Mike's experiences living in Japan and working as a businessman in the Japanese corporate world. Needless to say, there is plenty of laugh-out-loud humor when cultures collide, and The Salaryman gives both foreign and Japanese readers an inside look on everything Mike had the pleasure and horror of experiencing!

For the interview, we caught Mike during a major transition in his life, where a great opportunity in publishing has him returning to live in his hometown of Chicago, but it will also allow him to frequently return to Japan. Mike opens up about his mixed feelings about no longer living in Japan, the things he will miss about the culture, and the recent efforts he has made with his Japanese in-laws to strengthen their relationship following his divorce a couple of years ago.  We of course also cover some of the great humor in The Salaryman manga as well!

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