Voices in Japan

The New Modern Japanese Man

July 07, 2022 Episode 159
Voices in Japan
The New Modern Japanese Man
Show Notes

The effeminate style of young men seen in Japan and other Asian countries these days was not something that Matt, Ben, and Burke would see when they were in their home countries. Since last year, Beijing has started cracking down on effeminate male performers in China's entertainment industry, attributing the rise of "unmanly men" on US influence in Japan. Some say that women gaining more equality after Japan's economic bubble burst in the early 1990's and their placing more value on softer characteristics in men, and also the reinforced image of the soushoku (herbivore) man that started showing up in popular manga and other media around that time furthered the expansion of "androgynous" masculinity. And there was even a third gender known as "wakashu" during the Edo period of Japan that was an in-between position for young men. On this episode, the guys take a look at what masculinity might mean in different cultures and to different people.


Bearfoot Bar

Located in downtown Sapporo, walking distance from the subway station. There are  variety of Japanese made craft bottled beers. A range of whiskeys and basic cocktails also available. Burgers and pub style snacks. Friendly English and Japanese speaking staff.  https://www.facebook.com/bearfootbar

The Red House

Located in the heart of Rusutsu Ski Resort, just cross the main road and it’s behind the Seicomart Convenience store. The restaurant features a mix of Japanese, Asian fusion, and western Style dishes, including shabu-shabu with wagyu beef and Hokkaido wagyu beef steak. Open winter and summer, 12-3pm for lunch, 5-9pm for dinner, with prices ranging from under Yen 1000 to about Yen 5000. https://theredhouse.jp/

Rusutsu Lodges

Open all year round. Located 5 minutes walk to the main Rusutsu Ski Resort Gondola. There are Japanese, Western, and apartment style rooms with breakfast packages available. There’s a Japanese sento (public bath), two convenience stores less than a minute walk, ski room and tune up tables, plenty of free parking space, and summer BBQ packages available. Check out the website for more information and availability. http://rusutsulodges.com

Hokkaido Guide

Established over 10 years ago, written by locals for locals and international tourists. The guide contains information on all types of businesses and locations around Hokkaido. There's information regarding all things Hokkaido such as sightseeing, nightlife, events, services, food and restaurants, entertainment, outdoor activities, and more. Currently offered in English and Thai, advertising space available. Check out website for everything you need to know about this beautiful prefecture. https://hokkaidoguide.com

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