Voices in Japan

Consumer Tax Hike Troubles

October 17, 2019 Episode 38
Voices in Japan
Consumer Tax Hike Troubles
Voices in Japan
Consumer Tax Hike Troubles
Oct 17, 2019 Episode 38
Voices in Japan
We discuss the problems and issues with Japan raising the consumption tax from 8% to 10% in October 2019.
Show Notes

There’s been a lot of confusion as the tax on some goods have increased to 10% but some have not. Also, some companies have decided to absorb the tax increase into their pricing, while other companies have used the timing of the tax increase to significantly raise their own prices, such as Japan Rail Hokkaido.  Yes, it’s all very confusing and there are a lot of unhappy people around, myself, Ben, included.

We also talk about Japan trying to push cashless payments and how they are going to do that, having an SD (safe driver) card, Burke taking his driving test in Japan, and much much more.

Like the previous episode, we recorded this one over dinner in a restaurant, and during the show there were some noisy customers next to us so we hope they were not too distracting!

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